Turmeric Treats

Theses are all natural gluten free turmeric and pumpkin treats. They are a soft treat. There is a touch of our honey and Adaptogenic tea in the recipe. I use these as a training treat and an end of the evening treat.

Turmeric is known for its anti inflammatory properties.
Pumpkin boosts your fur baby’s immune system.
Pumpkin can also help regulate the digestive system,whether it may be problems with diarrhea or constipation or just overall strengthens the digestive system for good health.

According to the experts at Petmd “Flaxseeds, sometimes called linseeds, pack a whole lot of fiber and protein into a small serving. Fiber is important to a dog’s digestive health, while protein provides energy and keeps the immune system strong.

Flaxseeds also contain lignans, which can improve cardiovascular health and may help fight cancer. Anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseed can help ease symptoms of arthritis, lower blood pressure, improve kidney function, and maintain healthy skin and coat in dogs.”

Adaptogenic Tea is good to help balance your pups body to deal with stressors.

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